During uncertain and troubled times, decisiveness based on knowledge and experience is key. At Van der Meer Attorneys, we pride ourselves at being proactive in dealing not only with the issues at stake, but also the client. That’s why our biggest asset is our clients.

Antenuptial contracts

A professional Antenuptial Contract is essential to proper estate planning and protection before marriage. At Van der Meer Attorneys we tailor your agreement to your specific needs for the best possible protection for both individuals.


Arbitration is form of alternative dispute resolution for disputes outside of Court. Parties to a dispute often agree to refer it to arbitration and agree to be bound by the arbitration award. A third party reviews the evidence in the case and then imposes a decision that is legally binding on both sides and enforceable in the courts.

Arbitration can be either voluntary or mandatory and is a proceeding in which a dispute is resolved by an impartial adjudicator whose decision the parties to the dispute have agreed, or legislation has decreed, will be final and binding.

If you are unsure if your agreement constitutes a binding Arbitration clause, don’t hesitate to contact Van der Meer Attorneys for assistance.

Civil litigation

Civil procedure in South Africa sets out the rules and standards that courts follow when adjudicating civil suits. These rules govern how a lawsuit or case may be commenced, what kind of service of process is required, the types of pleadings or statements of a case, motions or applications, orders allowed in civil cases, the timing and manner of depositions and discovery or disclosure, the conduct of trials, the process for judgment, various available remedies and how the courts and clerks are to function.

Commercial and corporate law

Unfortunately, litigation is often a fact of modern business life. Commercial transactions and business relationships often do not go as planned and turn into disputes that may result in costly litigation. If one is unable to resolve the dispute, the parties may find that litigation is the only way to bring finality to the matter.

What is “Commercial Litigation?”
Commercial litigation is a general term that applies to any type of litigation or controversy related to business issues. Examples of areas included under the general heading of commercial litigation include:

      • Contract disputes, including breach of contract interference with contracts or business relationships
        • Shareholder and partnership disputes
        • Breach of fiduciary duty cases
        • Disputes over corporate management and control
        • Business dissolutions
        • Employment disputes
        • Franchise disputes
        • Consumer fraud and consumer protection issues.

The list gives you an idea of the broad scope of commercial litigation. It also provides an idea of how commercial litigation matters can range from relatively simple, uncomplicated matters, to highly complex matters that could take several years to resolve. Improperly handled litigation can lead to additional, unnecessary expenses for you and your business.


A Contract is a voluntary, deliberate, and legally binding agreement between two or more competent parties. When you hire us to negotiate, draft, and review your contracts and agreements, you can rest assured that your best interests will always be our priority.

Van der Meer Attorneys can equip you or your company with various types of contracts, including:

  • Employment agreements
    • Confidentiality agreements
    • Intellectual property licenses
    • Independent contractor agreements
    • Indemnification agreements
    • Service agreements / Vendor agreements
    • Sales terms and conditions
    • Manufacturing & distribution agreements.
    • Operating agreements.

We can also assist your business by preparing a variety of commercial documents including terms and conditions of sale, purchase orders and product warranties.


We deal with all matters pertaining to your property transaction, from valuations to drafting your purchase and sale agreements, advising you on signed agreements, property transfers as well as registering covering bonds.

Criminal law

Criminal law is the body of national or provincial law relating to crime in South Africa. The standard of evidence required to validate a criminal conviction is proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

Paying an admission of guilt fine or pleading guilty to any crime, no matter how insignificant, will have far reaching consequences on your future travel plans or job applications. Be sure to first consult Van de Meer Attorneys for accurate legal advice and assistance.


At Van der Meer attorneys we believe that we serve our clients best when we can reach a realistic divorce settlement or parenting plan and spare our clients the trauma of trial.

Our family law attorneys focus on representation and legal assistance in divorce, domestic partnership dissolution, and paternity cases.

Our attorneys employ a variety of methods to resolve family law cases, including litigation, mediation, and a collaborative process known as an unopposed divorce. Unopposed Divorce is a method of negotiating a divorce settlement that meets the needs of both parties before even commencing with litigation.

Our attorneys can also assist with domestic partnership agreements and dissolutions of same sex marriages and other unmarried couples.


Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to evict an illegal tenant from your property, provided that you follow proper procedure. Should you have an illegal occupant in or on your premises, don’t hesitate to contact us to launch immediate eviction proceedings.

Labour law

We offer the following professional services:

  • Drafting and updating employment contracts, disciplinary codes and procedures, grievance policies, smoking policies, vehicle use policies, cell phone use policies
  • Matters pertaining to sexual harassment, constructive dismissal, disciplinary hearings (chairing), suspension and disciplinary notices, trade union negotiations, employee negotiations, strike management
  • Assistance with department of labour visits
  • Representation at the CCMA
  • Unfair dismissal and retrenchment
  • Disputes in the workplace and labour dispute settlement negotiations.

Liquidations and sequestration

The decision to Liquidate or sequestrate, be it forced or voluntarily, is a complex one. Van der Meer Attorneys considers itself as one of the leading firms in this field. There are various criteria to meet before you consider Liquidation or Sequestration proceedings and we are certainly skilled to guide and assist you in this process.

Have you been sequestrated? We can assist you with your rehabilitation application.


Maintenance may be payable personally or towards your children. At Van der Meer attorneys we strive to reach the most affordable and speedy solution for our clients in securing payment of maintenance.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a consultation should you have any queries.

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